A Little History

Simple Delights was conceived and founded by a group of people who wanted to provide Filipino breads and light meals (merienda) which will remind them of food back home.

It was incorporated in August 2008 with the mission of providing homecooked meals and Filipino breads of quality and affordability.

After 2 years we added an all-day Filipino breakfast consisting of garlic fried rice, eggs with choice of fried beef (tapa), sweetened pork (tocino), sausage (longanisa), dried fish (daing or tuyo), smoked fish (tinapa) and corned beef.

Together with this, a lunch combination was also offered daily with rice and 2 entrees, with a variety of Filipino dishes to choose from.

We also accepted catering for holidays and for some organizations.

Now, people from different suburbs and even other cities and states visit us for a small taste of the Phillipines. We are grateful!

Simple Delights Chicago
People eating Filipino food


6255 McCormick Blvd
Chicago, IL 60659
Tel: (773) 267-2726

Business Hours

Sunday: 10AM–5PM
Mon - Sat: 10AM–6PM


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